Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Charles Glaubitz "La Fabrica del Taco" magazine ad for Simple Magazine. Buenos Aires Argentina

Charles Glaubitz illustrated this piece for a "La Fabrica del Taco" ad for Simple Magazine in Buenos Aires, Argentina - he worked with Art Director el asombroso Jogu Gutier.  Here is the final colorful, hand painted Mexican style taco sign, followed by the rough and approved sketches.
Interesting tidbit about Charles; He is not a red meat eater, he only eats fish tacos!

Charles Glaubitz -final art for Rico's Taco
Charles Glaubitz - rough sketch #1

Charles Glaubitz - final sketch 1

Charles Glaubitz - final sketch 2

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kim Rosen break-up illustration

Kim Rosen created this illustration for the Wall Street Journal. The piece was for a story on the physiological effects of breaking up with a romantic partner.

From Kim's Blog:
I guess women often cry and talk to their friends after a breakup and men go out on the hunt for a fling to overcome the pain. According to THIS article in August 23's Wall Street Journal, that is how both sexes deal with breaking up these days. Thanks to all the social media, we are all obsessed with checking the status of our Ex and this article gives tips on how to deal with the "cocaine-like" cravings of checking those Facebook pages and what not.

Kim Rosen - "Break-up"

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dave Stevenson's hand lettering - part 1

Dave Stevenson is best known for his intricately detailed map illustrations, which he creates entirely by hand, and which often feature custom hand lettering created specifically for the map.  However, some may not be aware that Dave is often commissioned to create hand lettered typography as pieces of artwork on their own.  Here are just a few samples of his lettering, both as rough sketches and final art.   To be continued...

Dave Stevenson - Hand lettering illustrations

Dave Stevenson - Hand lettering illustrations for Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Dave Stevenson - Hand lettering / logo for Holtville

Dave Stevenson - Hand lettering illustration - The letter B

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cathie Bleck - Dualities in large scale

Cathie Bleck never ceases to amaze us, and she's at it again...and this time on a grand scale!  She's been exploring dualities that exist in nature, and she's working on panels that are 50" x 170".  She gave us a glimpse of her work in progress, and the photos give an idea of the sheer size of the pieces...they're massive!

See below for more info in her own words... 

Cathie Bleck- Dualities

Cathie Bleck - Dualities

Cathie Bleck - Dualities, close-up

In her own words:
I began this large-scale visual journal in mid July this summer of 2011. In this project I wanted to explore the dualities that exist in nature and our evolution both past and present. Reflecting on the subject of where I left off from my Butler museum show in 2008 “Becoming Human”, and wanted to additionally explore what would happen if I introduced forms which mimicked one another. In this first set of panels an unexpected image of a giant face of a cat or lion formed in the center when they were joined. Mysteriously, the image of the tiger or lion keeps resurfacing itself intuitively in other works as well. I am hoping to have these scrolls exhibited in a museum this year.

Each panel is 50"x170" and is done on Stonehenge paper (100% cotton, acid-free buffered with calcium carbonate to help protect artwork from contaminated environments). This surface is proving to be durable and excellent with graphite, both pencils as well as powdered graphite mixed with water and additional liquid kaolin in the white areas.

The past is represented on the right panel where man has evolved rhythmically in unison with nature. The female figure sits at the bottom swallowed within the roots of the tree grasping beads, which are thought to be the first gifts of man to one another. Anthropologists believe that it was with these clay beads that man stopped killing trespassers to their territories. On the left panel, starting from the bottom reeds in the water weep below the explosions of our present time. The lone locust searches above the other locusts in search of direction. Evolving above the locust is ambiguity asking how will we evolve from this juncture as we lie in the eye of a broken world?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kim Rosen - July Coupling illustrations

Kim Rosen's illustrations are seen every week in the lifestyle section of the Boston Globe, in a column called coupling. Here are the pieces from July 2011.

Kim Rosen - Coupling - July 2011

Kim Rosen - Coupling - July 2011

Kim Rosen - Coupling - July 2011
Kim Rosen - Coupling - July 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Craig LaRotonda's CSR for the New York Times

Craig LaRotonda completed the below illustration for a piece called "First, Make Money. Also, Do Good." which was featured in the business section of last Sunday's NY Times. The article is about corporate social responsibility and the concept of "shared value" within today's corporate world.
Craig's style made for a great visual to accompany the piece!

Craig LaRotonda - "Corporate Social Responsibility"

Monday, August 15, 2011

Charles Glaubitz - Hot Off the Presses

A recent piece by Charles Glaubitz is featured in the current issue of PlanAdviser magazine.  Charles has been commissioned by Asset International to create many illustrations for this and other publications over the years, but this is the first time that they have picked up an existing piece by Charles.  SooJin Buzelli, the creative director of Asset International, noticed the illustration in a recent Facebook posting we did, and she thought it would be perfect for the "Hot Off the Presses" feature in the 5th Anniversary Issue of the magazine.  What we found especially interesting was that she chose to use the illo in a horizontal format rather than vertically, as it was originally created.  We think it works super well!

Charles Glaubitz - "Connection"

Charles Glaubitz illustration in the 5th anniversary issue of PlanAdviser.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chris Buzelli and the mythical Krampus

Chris Buzelli finished a new piece called "And the Children Shall Inherit the Earth". The piece is based on the legend of Krampus, a mythical creature recognized in alpine countries.

The piece will be showcased at The Blab! Show which is at Seattle’s Roq La Rue Gallery. The show opens this Friday, August 12th, 2011.
Also part of this show are the talented Nicoletta Ceccoli, Marc Burckhardt, Martin Wittfooth, Jason Holley, Erik Sandberg, Travis Louie, Jana Brike, Dan May, Shag, Ana Bagayan, Laurie Hogin, Derek Nobbs, Andrew S. Arconti, Ryan Heshka, Owen Smith, Brian Despain, Mark Garro, Juliana Swaney, Shag, Andy Kehoe, Alex Kuno, Fred Stonehouse and Yoko D'Holbachie.
You can see a preview of all art at

Chris Buzelli - "And the Children Shall Inherit the Earth"

Chris Buzelli - detail work 1

Chris Buzelli - detail work 2

Chris Buzelli - detail work 3
From Chris' blog:
"This Friday night, August 12th, at Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle, my painting "And the Children Shall Inherit the Earth" will be in The Blab Show curated by Monte Beauchamp. The show revolves around the theme of Krampus. Who is Krampus? In early 19th century European folklore, Krampus was a creepy devilish figure who accompanied St Nicolas during the Christmas season. If you were a good boy or girl, St. Nick gave you gifts, but if you were bad then you got a visit by Krampus who would punish and spank you with his switch and hopefully not carry you away in his sack! I really think we need to bring the Krampus tradition back."

A final image of the piece while still in Chris' studio:
Chris Buzelli - Studio shot

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dave Stevenson for Relic Master - Anara is finally revealed!

The 4th and final installment of the Relic Master series by author Catherine Fisher is being released today, so we finally get to reveal Dave Stevenson's map illustration of Anara in its entirety:

Dave Stevenson - The complete Relic map illustrated

The Relic - series + release dates

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Joel Nakamura's exploration of Octopuses? Octopi? Octopodes?

Octopuses? Octopi? Octopodes?  Which ever word you prefer, Joel Nakamura has been exploring them in his work for some time now.  In fact, he's been playing around with the octopus image so much lately that he has started creating them made out of some rather unexpected things...such as gummy bears and watermelon.  Here are 3 of his most recent octo-pieces:

Joel Nakamura - Dreamy Octopus

Joel Nakamura - Gummy Bear Octopus

Joel Nakamura - Watermelon Octopus