Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Charles Glaubitz Illustrates book cover for, "Are you bringing something from Mexico?"

Charles Glaubitz - Are you bringing something from Mexico? Final Art

Charles Glaubitz - Are you bringing something from Mexico? Line art

Charles Glaubitz - Are you bringing something from Mexico? Sketch

Charles Glaubitz created this illustration for the book cover of, "Are you bringing something from Mexico?" The book is based on a theatre play written by Daimary Sánchez Moreno, grant winner of  Programa de Estímulos a la Creación y al Desarrollo Artístico de Baja California (PECDA) 2010-2011 and Premio Nacional de dramaturgia Wilberto Cantón 2011.

Martha Rich food illustrations for Johns Hopkins Magazine

Martha Rich was commissioned by Johns Hopkins University to create some of her fun food illustrations for their Johns Hopkins Magazine.  Martha's yummy illos were used in an article titled "From Farm to Plate to Policy" about the food reform movement and the demand for healthy sustainable foods in all levels of society around the world.  Very interesting article, and Martha's work really livens up the pages!

Martha Rich - Food!

Martha Rich - Shrimp!

Martha Rich - Steak!

Martha Rich - Apple!

Martha Rich - Illustration for Johns Hopkins Magazine

Martha Rich - Illustration for Johns Hopkins Magazine

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Italian artist, Lucio Schiavon, joins the Jennifer Vaughn Artist Agency

We are pleased to announce that Italian artist, Lucio Schiavon, has joined our group.  Lucio lives in Venice, Italy, and we think his fabulous style fits right in with the JVAA team!  Lucio works in digital and traditional mediums, and his illustrations have also been used animation.  Here is just a small sample of what Lucio can do...

Benvenuto, Lucio!

Lucio Schiavon - American Diary

Lucio Schiavon - Empire

Lucio Schiavon

Lucio Schiavon

Lucio Schiavon - Lei

Lucio Schiavon - No Big Ship

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tom Jester's Ant Revolution

Here is a new illustration that Tom Jester just completed, titled Ant Revolution.  It's an experimental piece in which Tom used some new techniques and worked in some 3D elements.  As for the inspiration for the subject matter, here's what Tom had to say:

"It's an environmental statement piece. It shows the destructive nature of humans in contrast to insects' ability to work together and adapt to any adversity. While humans seem to be on a path of self destruction, ants will always focus on survival and what is good for the group as a whole. They operate as a unified entity, collectively working together to support the colony without corruption, a trait that humans could use to learn from. Ants will almost certainly will be around long after we are gone."

Tom Jester - Ant Revolution

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kim Rosen illustrates 10 Plants That Shook the World

Kim Rosen was commissioned by Annick Press to illustrate the book, 10 Plants That Shook the World.  Kim's 50+ illustrations help to tell the stories of 10 plants that were the "source of profound changes in the world, both good and bad".  Kim worked on this book project for quite a while last year, and it's great to finally see the end result.  Below are a few images from the book, and you can see and read more about the project on Kim's blog.

Kim Rosen - 10 Plants That Shook the World cover illustration

Kim Rosen - interior spread

Kim Rosen - interior illustration

Kim Rosen - Cotton illustration

Kim Rosen - Cinhona illustration

Kim Rosen - Peppercorn illustration

Kim Rosen - Tea illustration

Kim Rosen - Rubber illustration

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Steve Moors illustrates a Prairie Chicken

Fridays are synonymous with cocktails, and here's an interesting one that is certainly not for the faint of heart.  Steve Moors illustrated his version of a drink named Prairie Chicken, which combines gin with an egg.  This is the latest contribution to our ongoing illustrated cocktail blog, and we find Steve's illustration to be much more appetizing than the cocktail itself!

Steve Moors - Prairie Chicken cocktail

Monday, April 1, 2013

Martha Rich in American Illustration 32

Martha Rich just found out that her image below was selected to be in the upcoming American Illustration 32 book.  The AI32 book will be published and distributed worldwide in November.  We can't wait to see all of the selected images in print!

Martha Rich - Love ya.  Mean it.