Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Great new portrait illustrations by Marco Wagner

Marco Wagner recently illustrated this portrait of August Hermann Francke, the German clergyman, philanthropist, and Biblical scholar, for the German magazine Chrismon.  LOVE Marco's unique style of portraiture!

Marco Wagner - August Hermann Francke

And another recent portrait...

Marco Wagner - Karl Victor B√∂hmert

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Simeon Elson illustrates Elle Varner

Here is a new illustration by Simeon Elson of the singing sensation Elle Varner.  Simeon said that he "wanted to create a striking music/fashion illustration that was full of energy but with a different style", and it looks like he achieved just that.  Nice work, Sim!

Simeon Elson - Elle Varner

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kim Rosen floor pattern for Style network

Kim Rosen has been creating lots of illustrated patterns lately, and the Style Network recently took notice.  There is a new show on Style called "Built" which follows around male models in Manhattan who also happen to be hot handymen.  On each episode the five man crew tackles a home makeover project with the help of an interior designer.  Style asked Kim to create a pattern which could be reproduced and used on the floor for a recent project featured on Built.  She did just that, and this is how  Kim's fabulous floor pattern turned out:

Kim Rosen floor pattern for "Built" on the Style Network

Kim Rosen floor pattern for "Built" on the Style Network

Kim Rosen floor pattern for "Built" on the Style Network

Thursday, February 14, 2013

New artist signing: Steve Moors

We are excited to announce a new artist signing: New York-based Steve Moors.  Steve brings his distinct style to the group, and his unique portraits and conceptual illustrations add another dimension to our diverse roster.  Here is just a glimpse of his ever-growing portfolio.  Welcome aboard, Steve!

Steve Moors - Lady Gaga

Steve Moors - Jack Black

Steve Moors - Taylor Swift

Steve Moors - Anderson Cooper

Steve Moors - And the Weak Shall Inherit the Earth

Steve Moors - Examining Reincarnation

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dave Stevenson hand lettering for Raff Distillerie

Dave Stevenson did all of the hand lettering, banners, border treatment, and embellishments (basically everything except the illustration of the dogs) on the label for the new Bummer & Lazarus gin.  Dave worked with Auston Design Group on this packaging project for the San Francisco based Raff Distillerie, which chose to name its gin after a couple of dogs who are a piece of San Francisco history - great story!

Bummer & Lazarus Gin - hand lettering and embellishments by Dave Stevenson

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lucie Rice illustrates Nashville neighborhoods

Lucie Rice has been working on a series of posters illustrating the various neighborhoods of Nashville, Tennessee, which also happens to be the city that Lucie calls home.  Each illustration reflects the individuality of that particular neighborhood, and the Nashville Neighborhood series features five of Lucie's favorites:

Lucie Rice - 12 South

Lucie Rice - Five Points

Lucie Rice - Hillsboro Village

Lucie Rice - Lower Broadway

Lucie Rice - Sylvan Park