Thursday, April 22, 2010

Charles Glaubitz. the boy v.s the tornado

Sketchbook drawing, doodle

I did this sketch a while back november/december 2009 for a workshop I was teaching at CECUT (Centro Cultural Tijuana/Tijuana Cultural Center). The project was to create a parable, metaphor or image that could in fact add to my favorite Buddhist proverb"at the end all that matters, is how fully you lived, how fully you loved and how fully you learn to let go".

charles glaubitz, sketch illustration for CECUTfinal drawing/sketch Photoshop, Wacom tablet

Most students where stump with the idea of communicating this idea, they had a hard time grasping that you could create a illustration that was not literal or see say in any sense and still communicate the idea. After a passionate lecture of letting go of preconceived ideas, notions, reality and inject their concept with imagination...most succeeded in creating a good image.

Final Drawing Sumi ink on watercolor paper

charles glaubitz, final illustration for CECUT
Final Art photoshop, Wacom tablet, scanned hand made textures.

So back to the present 2010, I was going through my sketchbook from that time and found this image of a boy v.s. a tornado trowing his paper airplane at it...I stopped and asked myself what does this mean? confronting impending doom, a problem, a disaster, a situation, a opportunity in a game of chance and confront it with a paper airplane which could be anything depending on what is on the piece of paper that is being thrown at the tornado, a drawing, a wish, a desire, a sigil, a poem, a story, a experience of life...and then I get it, the experience of life, love manifested in a creative way turned into a vehicle to let go.

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