Monday, February 28, 2011

Chris Buzelli illustrates Kennedy's dog, Splash

From Chris Buzelli's Blog

By Chris Buzelli

"Last Tuesday I illustrated "My Life as a Dog" for the New York Times Op-Ed. It was a great little story about "Splash", the late Senator Edward Kennedy's Portuguese Water Dog and the intern that had to impersonate him. The senator wrote a very popular children's book about his daily life from Splash's perspective. Many children emailed their inquisitive questions directly to Splash. Thus this very fortunate intern became Splash and answered every single email ending each with "WOOF WOOF!! Splash."

Thanks to Aviva Michaelov for giving me my first stab at the Op-Ed. I'm not sure if she saw our recent Dogger posts but this came right on the heels of that occasion.

The day after it printed I received a phone call from Kennedy's office requesting to purchase the original drawing. I really thought I was being punked at first. But, I'm very proud to say that the Kennedy family now owns my drawing of Splash."

Chris Buzelli - "Splash"