Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hannah Stouffer in FEFÈ Magazine

From Grand Array Blog
By Hannah Stouffer


The new FEFE is out!!! Made in Italy- they did it again with a special issue 'I Love You' ' Te Amo' and a full spread of my 'Bonne Nuit Crystal Cave' illustration. Maybe you could get a copy over HERE?? Si? Sono un picolo ragazza. Te Amo."
About FEFÈ (from FEFÈ.com):
"FEFÈ is an international magazine into which, for each issue, 25 “free entry” guests and one child are invited to enter into the creative process of the magazine itself, interpreting the leading theme of the magazine.
The originality of the artworks and the attentive cultural research of the guests make FEFÈ an essential instrument to update on the latest visual art’s phenomena and talents."

We think this is a totally cool magazine and congrats to Hannah for getting a spot in there!

Hannah Stouffer - FEFÈ Magazine

Hannah Stouffer - FEFÈ Magazine