Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kim Rosen - When your doctor sells credit cards

Kim Rosen illustrated a story for the Saturday edition of the Wall Street Journal called "When Your Doctor Sells Credit Cards". Not only do we love Kim's work here, but we also think everyone should read this article!

Some frightening quotes from the story:
"The medical credit cards also have drawn criticism for their billing terms. The cards typically offer interest-free payments for up to a year, but when new rates kick in, they can be sharply higher."

"...GE's CareCredit can surge to 26.99% after the promotional period ends, and the card charges "retroactive" interest rates as high as 26.99%—meaning that if you make late payments, you may be charged interest on the previous year's balance..."

Below is the final illustration, followed by some very rough idea sketches.

Kim Rosen - "Paying for Plastic with Plastic"

Kim Rosen - sketches for "Paying for Plastic with Plastic"