Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lucie Rice for Atlanta Magazine: Hot-man-ta!

Lucie Rice did this illustration for an article in the April 2012 issue of Atlanta Magazine.  The story was about the fact that Atlanta was voted the number one city for "hot guys", but no one can seem to find them anywhere!

Lucie Rice - Hot-man-ta

A short excerpt from the article:


Atlanta ranks first for handsome fellows.
So where are they?

Atlanta is a hotbed of handsome—at least, we seem to think so. The deal-doling website LivingSocial commissioned a survey by third-party Mandala Research asking residents in the top twenty U.S. cities to rate their city’s vanity. Lo and behold, ours ranked number one for handsome men. Which led us to one question: Where are all these hotties hiding?

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