Thursday, May 17, 2012

Santiago Uceda's portraiture

Here is a recent portrait illustration that Santiago Uceda did of Oregon congressman Peter DeFazio.  Santiago describes the style as a hybrid of his older style and what he's doing now.  In Santiago's own words, "The way I draw portraits now is not that different from the way I did them before; the difference would be that DeFazio is not as painterly, it does have texture, but has more of a collage approach, the older pieces feel more like paintings."  Below is the DeFazio portrait, along with a few older pieces for comparison.  Whether old or new, we think Santiago's style of portraiture is super cool!

Santiago Uceda - Peter DeFazio

Santiago Uceda - Jorge Luis Borges

Santiago Uceda - Fidel Castro

Santiago Uceda - Lula

Santiago Uceda - William S. Burroughs

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