Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Emotional Pull of Print

Dave Stevenson was commissioned by Studio Hinrichs to create a pen and ink illustration of a brain for a Sappi Fine Paper brochure.  I recently received a copy of the piece (beautifully designed and printed, by the way!), and I was pleased to read the following bit of info on the spread featuring Dave's illustration:

According to scientists, print has more emotional pull for consumers than digital.  A neuroscience study commissioned by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and conducted by Milward Brown discovered that paper-based marketing - i.e., direct mail - leaves a "deeper footprint" in the brain than digital - and that difference can even be pinpointed on functional MRI brain scans.  The physical act of handling tangible material feels more "real" to the brain, the study claims.  It produces brain responses that trigger emotional reactions, which get internalized in your memory.  In other words, the printed piece itself becomes part of the subliminal messaging.  The brain associates the tactile quality of the piece with its perception of the brand.

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