Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New artist signing: Anne Faith Nicholls

We are super excited to announce our latest artist signing:  Anne Faith Nicholls.  Anne's work has a beautiful narrative quality to it, and there's definitely nothing else like it on our roster.  Anne's style gracefully complements the aesthetic of our group, and we are so happy to haver her on board.

Welcome, Anne!

Anne Faith Nicholls - Le Champion

Anne Faith Nicholls - Lady & Vizsla

Anne Faith Nicholls - Leave Your Anchors

Anne Faith Nicholls - Fire Water

Anne Faith Nicholls - Precious Cargo

Anne Faith Nicholls - Strong Like Buffalo

Anne Faith Nicholls - Flying Away


Tod Brilliant said...

And proud you should be! Anne has been such a great supporter of other artists and causes for such a long time...and we couldn't be happier to have her involved in the Public Energy Art Kit (the firewater piece you posted).

You signed Anne? That makes you my instant fave art reps. Well done.

Tod Brilliant

Jennifer Vaughn said...

Thanks for the props, Tod! I'm very happy to have Anne on board!