Friday, December 12, 2014

Mariya Paskovsky's fragrant illustrations

Mariya Paskovsky has been working on a series of lovely illustrations based on fragrance families.  She was inspired by her husband who is a perfumer, and here's is how she describes the inspiration:

"The story behind these works is that my husband loves, collects, makes, buys, smells, gives to me and all our friends and relatives PERFUME!  Being a visual person who is constantly exposed to different kinds of scent: oriental, spicy, floral, woody, etc, I started to somewhat visualize these various scents.  I saw them as different, beautiful and mysterious girls - different kinds of girls who wear those perfumes/scents."

Gorgeous, Mariya!  We can't wait to see more as the series develops!

Mariya Paskovsky - Floral

Mariya Paskovsky - Oriental

Mariya Paskovsky - Marine

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