Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Charles Glaubitz's Explorations

Recently Charles Glaubitz has been exploring a new style that is a transition from his pure acrylic paintings.  He's been experimenting with merging ink drawings and digital into a mixed media style that incorporates the best of both worlds: traditional and digital illustration. Charles inks his drawings on watercolor paper and then gives them washes of ink to build up the tone and contrast of the image.  He then scans the document to add colors and textures digitally.
Charles has also been experimenting drawing digitally with the help of a tablet. In his own words: "Now I am beginning to draw digitally with a Wacom tablet and with the help of a Comic Book Draw software and emulate the inking of the drawing in the just is sometimes easier to do any changes of color or composition in the computer, instead of doing it by hand on paper."

Although different from Charles' well known style, we actually like these new explorations. Take a look for yourself and let us know what  you think!

Charles Glaubitz - "Tortuga"

Charles Glaubitz - "Elefante"