Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dave Stevenson for The Relic Master

Dave Stevenson recently created a map illustration for a series of books titled Relic Master by author, Catherine Fisher.  The books are being published by Penguin Group, and they tell the story of Anara, a world crumbling to devastation, whose only hope lies in a master, his apprentice, and the mysteriously powerful and illegal ancient relics they collect.  This epic adventure is told in 4 installments, to be released consecutively in May, June, July and August.  

Dave's beautifully illustrated interpretation of Anara will be featured in the series one section at a time, so as each book is released a bit more of the map will be revealed.  We can only show you one small piece of it now, but check back next month for the next reveal...

Dave Stevenson - The Relic map, part 1

The Relic - series + release dates