Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kim Rosen's Fair Fairy Characters

Kim Rosen just finished a project with CBS Interactive to develop the Fair Fairy character along with three banner ads for GameSpot's Game Market, which is an online marketplace for buying video games.

The guys at CBS Interactive were looking for a sassy character with a little attitude and a rebellious streak. They wanted her to be young and cool, but with a little uh... gaming vibe. So here are some characters that Kim came up with in the initial round:

Kim Rosen's Fairy options 1, 2, 3
Kim Rosen's Fairy options 4 & 5

And the winner is:

The end goal was for the animations in the banners to be a bit jumpy and awkward to add some humor to the ads ... the animators did a great job!
See one of the screenshot and links to the final flash banners:

Animation 1: http://cbsiideagroup.com/ff_animation/1303755702.html
Animation 2: http://cbsiideagroup.com/ff_animation/1303755680.html